In-Person Coaching at The Ogre Compound

Live in the Nashville or middle-Tennessee area and want to pursue strength training, powerlifting, weightlifting, or strongman? Coach Wade offers personalized programming for most strength sports and in-person coaching at the gym. Whether you’re brand new to strength or a seasoned competitor, we have the tools, equipment, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve success.

Coach Wade is also an experienced meet/competition coach, is able to handle lifters and provide guidance with attempt selections at most local meets and many regional and national-level competitions.


Remote Coaching & Programming

Not in Tennessee? That’s okay! Coach Wade offers remote programming and coaching for athletes all over the world through Aplyft.

Visit for more information.

For more information about remote coaching services, use the contact form below.


Drop-ins & Visitors

Visiting Nashville? If you're a traveling powerlifter, weightlifter, strongman, or highland games athlete we'd love to have you train with us--but please let us know! Since the gym is located in a private residence, drop-ins must be scheduled in advance. Our drop-in rate is $15, or $20 for the drop-in and a t-shirt. If you are in town for several days, contact us to discuss options.