WE SHARE EQUIPMENT, WE FOCUS DURING TRAINING, WE ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER...WE PUSH EACH OTHER. This is not a place for those who prefer a quiet gym space for solo training with headphones on. When you train with us, expect to be engaged and get to know your team and enjoy sweet sounds of heavy metal at the crack of dawn.


THE OGRE COMPOUND is quite literally a basement gym in a private residence. It's old-school strength training at its finest. It’s small and it's gritty...it's a home designed by it's team members. You may even have to head outside if you need some extra room...to use distance strongman apparatus, of course.

We may not have the most spacious gym, but we're positive it's the best gym. Be prepared to pet Coach Wade and Missy’s four dogs hanging out in the gym while you train.  


No matter your federation, strength sport, or style of training, THE OGRE COMPOUND is outfitted with the equipment to meet all your strength training needs. Our team has extensive experience in equipped and raw powerlifting across many federations, strongman, and weightlifting. You won’t find any treadmills here, but you will find loud music, resounding people...and plenty of chalk and ammonia capsules. Never fear the commercial gym “don’t slam the weights” rule again.  Intensity is strongly encouraged and completely welcomed.

Powerlifting & Weightlifting Equipment: Monolifts, power racks, uprights, competition benches

·        Competition Rouge & Ivanko plates, Pendlay bumper plates

·        Dumbbells (#)

·        Specialty bars: Men & Women’s Olympic barbells, deadlift bars, trap bars, bamboo bar, Texas and Ohio power bars

Coach Wade is always looking to improve the equipment selection for our team. If there’s something missing, just let him know and he will make every effort to get it.


Strongman Equipment: Yoke, log, axle, circus dumbbells (up to #), Atlas stones (70-300#), car deadlift, H-stones, sleds, farmer’s carry, frame, tires (100-500#)